Sleep disorders center problems treated at the sleep disorders center the sleep disorders center integrates the knowledge of sleep and wakefulness derived from diverse medical and academic sources. The center is therefore uniquely equipped to diagnose and treat any sleep disorder or sleep-related symptom, whether physiological or psychological in cause. buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra in usa online buy viagra online cheap generic viagra generic viagra online viagra online cheap viagra Snoring and sleep apnea recent research has determined that snoring may have adverse medical consequences and is also a prominent symptom of several dangerous disorders of breathing-including sleep apnea-that occur in sleep. In addition, loud snoring can disrupt the sleep of a bed partner and seriously strain an otherwise satisfactory relationship. With overnight monitoring in the sleep disorders center, the nature and severity of snoring or otherwise disordered nocturnal breathing can be ascertained and an effective treatment plan devised. Excessive daytime sleepiness excessive daytime sleepiness is a frequent complaint with potentially sever consequences including impaired job performance, automobile accidents, and a reduced ability to enjoy the pleasures of life. Although often attributed to overwork or psychological causes, daytime sleepiness can be a symptom of an undiagnosed medical disorder. Recent research has enabled us to identify the cause of nearly all cases of excessive daytime sleepiness and implement treatment which can dramatically improve the quality of life. Insomnia insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Poor sleep during the night can be a serious problem in itself and can result in decreased wakefulness, concentration, and performance during the day. There are many causes of insomnia, most of which can be treated. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that medical help is available for insomnia, and continue to suffer the effects of poor or diminished sleep. Irregular sleep-wake schedules the frenetic pace of industrialized society has exacted many tolls, including the frequent need to adhere to an irregular or disorganized schedule. Jet lag and malaise associated with rotating shift work are two of the more common manifestations of this problem. Constantly changing sleep-wake schedules disrupt the body's normal biological rhythms and can lead to insomnia, daytime sleepiness, or generalized irritability and depression. The sleep disorders center provides the expertise to help you alter or manage an irregular schedule and thereby improve your ability to sleep soundly and achieve maximal alertness and.
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